‘t Magisch Theatertje is in constant progress.
We are always aiming to improve the facilities of the theatre in order to offer even better opportunities to our customers and to welcome more groups and organisation within the walls of our theatre.

For this, and also for the development of new shows we need your support. Your financial donation can be transferred to our account, referring to donation.

We really want to thank you for your support and we will make sure that your support will be wisely spent on materials and improvement on our property and shows.
This way you will enjoy your future visits to our theatre even better.
And, of course, we will invite you to our special Friends-of-the-Theatre-evening and to our premieres.

Details: Stichting Wolk
Molenweg 4
6225 NC – Maastricht / NL
Bank account: IBAN NL60SNSB0874485215

The foundation has the special ANBI status, which means your donations are deductable from taxes.
Should you like to be interested, we will send you our policy.

Should you be interested in one of the options mentioned, but would like to have more information, you are welcome to contact us
T. (+31) (0)43 3630826