‘Floor & Ferdinand’

Charlotte Puijk-Joolen

Winter was calling and the little mice started to collect barley and nuts and wheat and straw. They all worked day and night.
All, except Ferdinand.

‘Why aren’t you working, Ferdinand?’ they asked him. ‘But I am’, he answered,’ I am collecting sunrays for the cold, dark wintertime’.

And when the mice saw how Ferdinand was just sitting there, staring into the field, they asked: ‘And now, Ferdinand? What are you doing now?’
‘Now, I’m collecting colours’, Ferdinand answered calmly, ‘Because in winter, everything is grey’.

Once it even seemed that Ferdinand was asleep. ‘Are you dreaming now, Ferdinand?’ they asked in blaming way. But Ferdinand answered: ‘Oh no, I am gathering words, because winter holds many long days, and maybe we will have no words left to speak to each other.’

And when winter was around, little by little the mice had eaten all nuts and berries. There was no straw left and hardly any mouse remembered what barley actually looked like, they had forgotten. They were cold, sitting between the stones and there wasn’t a mouse around who was up for some chit chat.

Close you little eyes now… Charlotte will tell you all! … and the mice are getting in all sorts of adventures!…

Creation and direction:
Charlotte Puijk-Joolen
Puppets and performance:
Charlotte Puijk-Joolen
Technical support:
Roel Puijk