‘Another Night’s Moon’

Charlotte Puijk-Joolen
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A performance with puppets, hand dolls, shadowplay and masks for children from age 6.


The show starts with shadowplay and poetical lyrics about Iris, who has a mysterious dream, in the dusky light we see Iris entering through a little ‘dream door’ and a small primordial creature appears – the Lady of Dreams. She picks up an enormous stone from outside the theatre set.
The show has begun.

Morpheus, The King of Dreams, enters the stage and tells about the Reign of Dreams, that is in danger. He hands Iris his Dreamstone, a stone with magical powers, so she can keep it safe.

Iris looses the Dreamstone…, which falls into the hands of Dorbee, the peddler, a cat-like creature, a faun. Dorbee is very content with this unexpected wealth.
But Hypnos, the King of Sleep and enemy to Morpheus, also yearns to have the Dreamstone, which will hand him absolute power over Night. In a devious manner Hypnos succeeds in taking the Dreamstone from Dorbee.

Meanwhile, Iris is desperately searching for the Stone, of course, and with the help of the immortal bird Huigin she finds a way to get the Stone back.
Dorbee, the opportunistic peddler, is a doubtful character, but he makes sure the audience has a good laugh.

Fortunately, Iris is able to hand back the Stone to Morpheus… and she is eventually granted her wish…..

‘Another Night’s Moon’ is a poetical performance about the world of dreams, based on the idea that basically everyone is a story that continuously writes its own reality.
It has been performed on many international festivals, among which the ‘Tehran International Puppet Theatre Festival – Mobarak’ in Iran.


Creation and direction:
Charlotte Puijk-Joolen
Bart van Geldrop
rewritten by Sybrand van der Werf
Set and figures:
Charlotte Puijk-Joolen
Sanne Puijk
Charlotte Puijk-Joolen
Ananda Puijk
Sybrand van der Werf
Charlotte Puijk-Joolen
Technical support:
Roel Puijk