‘A Little Fairy Tale’

Charlotte Puijk-Joolen

A show with puppets, hand dolls, shadowplay and masks for young people starting age 4.


Far far away from the world we live in, in a little cottage on the edge of the forest there lives Sanne with here Mom and her little brother.

On a day, when her mother needs to go to the market to sell the milk from the cow and the cheese she made, Sanne is asked to watch her borther.
Her mother has told her to stay inside the house, but the weather is really nice. Sanne decides to go outside, and to make things worse, she leaves her brother alone…

Very strange things are happening in the forest…. The witch Babow and her bird, the crow Cabow are walking passed the cottage garden. They will not deny themselves this fine opportunity… and they take little Bastian with them.

And when Sanne finds out that her brother is gone, she is at her wits end. She starts searching for him in the forest.
The spirits already know what has happened and they whisper their tale through the woods, so all animals of the forest hear what is going on.

Deeper and deeper, Sanne dwells into the forest, and there she meets a butterfly, who has heard the tale of the spirits. She helps Sanne to find the grotto of the witch Babow, and who takes Sanne on her wings to fly over the wide river.
And deep in the forest, Sanne also meets the owl, who shows pity on her and offers to take her under his warm wings to rest… and Sanne falls asleep and she has a dream with strange dark figures. The dream is like a vision, she dreams of a leprecon that might help her to find her way to Bastian.

When Sanne wakes up, she tells the owl all about her dream and she tries to find the leprecon that might want to help her find Bastian. She finds Bastian underneath a big mushroom. Of course, Sanne is very happy and together with Bastian she rushes home. The butterfly takes them on her wings to fly them over the wide river again… out of reach and out of sight of Babow, who is furious!

And when Mom comes home from the market, both Sanne and Bastian are neatly sleeping in their little beds, as if nothing has happened.

‘A Little Fairy Tale’ is a very visual performance, that takes children into the world of dreams and the subconscious.

Not only has it been performed at many international festivals, it has also been shown in the townships in the Karoo, South-Africa and berber villages in Tunesia.
‘A Little Fairy Tale’ was awarded the ‘Rameau d’Argent’ on the MED festival in Tunesia.

Creation and direction:
Charlotte Puijk-Joolen
Puppets and masks:
Charlotte Puijk-Joolen
Charlotte Puijk-Joolen
Roel Puijk
Technical support:
Roel Puijk