‘Cantos Animata’

Charlotte Puijk-Joolen

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Cantos Animata’ is an interdisciplinary performance consisting of only images and sound, with puppets, masks and movement…visual reflections on the ‘cycles of life’ as an endless transformation of physical and spiritual elements, jn which the spectator is taken on a journey through a world of mystery and dreams…

‘Cantos Animata’ is a pure visual arts performance… visual reflections on the circles of life as an endless transformation of physical and spiritual elements… a game of mystery, in which, in an almost ritual, magical suspence the spectator is carried away into a world of mystery and dreams

Review by a Dutch critic:
“ … an experience of stilled and dynamic fragments, flowing naturally, sometimes with interludes to free your mind in order to embrace a new flow of impressions on life an death. An experience about the cycle of life, of the powers behind and of generations of people and creatures that are part of it. Sometimes shining and moving like the power of life itself, sometimes saddening, as life can be… a give and take, creating and demolishing, removal and attraction. And all of this within a harmony of images, shapes, movements, colours and sounds.
A magical performance that drags you in, but in which at times you also feel removed. 
In short, life itself, set in a magical, spiritual way.”

‘Cantos Animata’ has been performed at many international festivals around the world and has been awarded many times.

‘Cantos Animata’
Creation and direction: Charlotte Puijk-Joolen
Puppets and Masks: Charlotte Puijk-Joolen Ananda Puijk
Artistic advice: Henk Boerwinkel
Performers: Charlotte Puijk-Joolen, Ananda Puijk
Technical support: Roel Puijk



2011: “International LUT Festival” – Sarajevo/ Bosnia-Herzegovina:

  • the Grand Prix of the Festival
  • the Award for best scenography
  • the Prize for best Music
  • the Prize for Original Idea

2010: ‘International Puppet Festival Weesp’ / the Netherlands’:

  • the Festival Prize “het Landjuweel Weesp”

2008: “VALISE” Festival – Lomza/ Polen:

  • Grand Prix For best performance
  • the ‘Award for best Directing’, 2nd Prize

2008: “12th World Festival of Puppet art” – Praag/ Tsjech Republic:

  • the ‘Award for ‘thought provoking beauty’.

2008: “MOBORAK” Festival – Teheran/ Iran:

  • the Award for‘creative and professional show’.

2008: “TANDARICA” Festival – Bucarest/ Roumania:

  • the ‘Award for mysterious beauty’

2007: “PUCK” Festival – Cluj Napoca/ Roumania:

  • the 1st Prize.