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EXUVIA-1 EXUVIA is a performance about the relativity of shape and appearance in everything around us. Combining visual theatre, movement and puppetry. EXUVIA takes you on a yourney along the edges of imagination.

Concept: Charlotte Puijk-Joolen
Making puppets, masks & scenography: Charlotte Puijk-Joolen & Ananda Puijk
Actors: Charlotte Puijk-Joolen, Ananda Puijk & Dönci Bánki
Music: Composition & performance: Jur de Vries, Singer: Kevin Skelton
Thanks to: Sybrand van der Werf, Paul Hertoghs – Ontwerpburo Oogpunt, Provincie Limburg

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Visual reflections on awareness and the cycles of life, as an endless transformation.
Visual theatre for adults.
Created and performed by
Charlotte Puijk-Joolen and Ananda Puijk.

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A purely visual performance with puppets and masks, after an idea by the old Greek philosopher Heraclitès… everything flows, reality is constantly subject to change…
In this performance short scenes are connected in an utterly poetical manner.
Created and performed by
Charlotte Puijk-Joolen.

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