Happy New Year!


Our performances are explorations about life as an ongoing process of transformation and they are influenced by the amazing people, places and traditions we encounter in our tours around the world.

2013 was again a year of very inspiring, adventurous and successful travels.

The puppets brought us again around in the world, by car, by boat and by plane from Tunesia in the south, to Oslo in the north. From South-America/ Brasil to Asia/ Indonesia ending in November in Eastern-Turkey at the roots of our civilization, the old Mesopotamia.

Charlotte at the Borobudur / IndonesiaCharlotte at the Borobudur / Indonesia

Also we are very grateful for the wonderful co-operation with our daughter Ananda, who founded her independant theatre company (www.anandapuijk.nl). In Sept 2013 she was invited in the prestigious festival ‘Festival International des Marionnettes’ in France with her latest play ‘Transit‘. A new generation and a promise for the future.

In June Ananda gave birth to a lovely girl named Emke and she and her husband Sybrand van der Werf, a very talented young theatre director (www.sybrandvanderwerf.nl) are delighted. At the age of 4 months the baby has been in 4 international festivals already with of course very proud grandparents!

Happy Ananda & Sybrand with their one hour old babyHappy Ananda & Sybrand with their one hour old baby


Our dreams & plans for 2014

First of all we like to travel, join festivals and meet the people.

The first one is already in a couple of days as we are going in January with Ananda’s Transit to Milan/ Italy to perform in the ‘ Teatro del Buratto/ Teatro Verdi ‘, a leading theatre in our field.

Ananda participates there in the ‘Festival Internazionale Teatro di Immagine e Figura’

So, baby on board and snow chains as we will have to cross the Alpes in this time of the year.Also we do have plans for a renovation and technical update of our home theatre here in Maastricht as we have new plans for vitalization of our programme and last but not least we want to recapture an old tradition in our theatre, which is the organisation of our Festival ‘ De Figuren Theater Dagen ‘ in September and this also

for a special reason….

The festival will be also the moment for the first-night (première) of Charlotte’s new performance ‘ EXUVIA ‘ (= the empty skin which remains when a insect stripped it’s skin).

The theme is / which “house” we must leave to enter a new phase in our life?

Where is our soul going if it leaves the body, which form it takes…’

This evoluation of the human nature is visualized in a serie of associate images.

Becoming curious already..?!

We too because it’s not finished yet and a lot of images and rehearsals still have to be done.

Charlotte & Ananda busy making an object for EXUVIACharlotte & Ananda busy making an object for EXUVIA

Curious already…?

When you suscribe to our newsletter we will keep you informed!

Also we want to thank our audiences, all the artists and organizers for the wonderful moments we shared and the Netherlands Embassies in Tunesia, Indonesia & Turkey for their support in 2013 and Turkish Airlines for the reduction on our cargo.


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