Our Team

Charlotte Puijk-Joolen

Charlotte Puijk-Joolen is the creative genius of ’t Magisch Theatertje. Not only is she the creative manager and director, but she also designs, creates and plays everything herself.
After finishing Utrecht Art School, she went to the Jan van Eyck Academy in Maastricht to study scenography with the famous Nicolaas Wijnberg.
Charlotte has worked for and with different Dutch theatre companies and Dutch television. She specialised in puppetry, when she met Henk Boerwinkel of the world famous Theater Triangel. For ten years they worked together and Henk became ‘her tutor’ in puppetry.
Since the founding of ’t Magisch Theatertje in 1996 Charlotte creates her own performances for adults as well as children. Over the years her name has become an international claim to fame. Her enormous imaginary quality is widely appreciated. Charlotte herself explains: “my puppets, objects, must have a soul and must shine from within”.
‘t Magisch Theatertje has played at festivals all over the world and has won many international awards.

Roel Puijk

Originally a performing artist as well as a teacher in Arts, Roel initiated the founding and the construction of ’t Magisch Theatertje. Since the opening in 1996 Roel is the financial manager.
Roel studied Arts at Art Schools in Arnhem, Utrecht and he studied at the Jan van Eyck Academy in Maastricht, where he specialised in experimental arts with tutor Ko Sarneel. Roel’s famous light scupltures were exhibited frequently.
Furthermore, he studied Art History at the Universities of Nijmegen and Amsterdam.
Not only is he financial manager at ’t Magisch Theatertje, also, he is responsible for the technical support. He assists during the performances and he is involved in the artistic processes.
Roel has organised many festivals in the walls of ’t Magisch Theatertje.

Ananda Puijk

Ananda Puijk studied at “Kleine Academie” – The Little Academy, in Brussels. This theater school based on the ideas of Jaques Lecoq specialises in Physical Theater. After graduating in 2003 she has worked with different theater companies in Belgium and The Netherlands.
Since 2005 Ananda and Charlotte have joined strength. Together, they developed the “Cantos Animata”, a.o. Ananda performs is several shows of ‘t Magisch Theatertje, worldwide.
In 2009 Ananda made her debut as an independent producer. She created the show “Momentum”, in which she also performed on her own. This show has been performed on festivals in The Netherlands as well as abroad, and had very good reviews.
Ananda creates shows using physical theatre as well as puppetry. (www.anandapuijk.nl)

Sanne Puijk

Sanne Puijk graduated from Maastricht Art School in 1998 as performing artist. Her material of preference is textiles and cloth. Not only does she work as an independent artist, creating and showing her textile objects, she also designs costumes and sets for theatre.
Furthermore, she founded the “Kunstkaravaan” – The Caravan of Arts, a foundation for the education on art and culture. With the caravan she visits schools a.o. and creates art projects with children and young adults.
She also teaches workshops within ‘t Magisch Theatertje as well as at schools.
She has been working as well as participating for ‘t Magisch Theatertje since it was founded.